Monday, May 7, 2007


Today represents a landmark occasion in the history of broadcast media, the history of art, and humanity in general. For it is the day that we unveil the long-awaited, slaved-over, soon-to-be-reviled, epoch-making, sense-enhancing, mutually-exclusive, mystic-mongering, profoundly abstruse, esoterically erudite, hermetically obscure, adverbally adjectival opus THE PRETENTIOUS FILM: THE MOST PRETENTIOUS FILM ON EARTH. It is directed by Tom Gubernat, auteur of the ages. Don’t even pretend your life hasn’t been changed.


"must not be blank" said...

dear god.

Michael said...

My life has definitely been changed. I just don't know how yet.

Jollyship said...

I get it. I understand if you don't.

Off said...

The bathos! The pathos! The portholes!
But it should have been in black and white, shot on PXL-2000 and you should made more of an effort to comply with the DOGMA specifications.
Otherwise, BRILLIANT!