Friday, June 1, 2007


And so it begins. Long anticipated, little comprehended, the Pretentious Festival finally opens its doors to the sentient few this evening at 7pm. Gawking rubbernecks, dandified poseurs, and shrill, clingy art-groupies will no doubt be in attendance as well, but they hardly count.

The lineup of the Opening Night Cabaret, as delineated in several e-blasts and back-room cafe confabs features:

Tunnel Vision
The Mercury Menifesto
Commedia dell’Artemisia
Ian W. Hill's Hamlet
Macbeth Without Words
Every Play Ever Written
The Children of Truffaut

There have been so many Exposures that it's been impossible to keep up with all of their bounty, but suffice it to say that today brings us a suspiciously eager write-up in the ostensibly populist New York Post, and Brooklyn Courier-Life Publications (publisher of the weekly 24/7) feature an in-depth interview with the Festival's creators, especially me.

We will be too busy in the trenches of Art to blog as regularly over this, our opening weekend, as we'd like, but we hope to be back on the scene, in spirit at least, with Sunday's upcoming Impending Theatrical Blog Event. Meanwhile, check our schedule, and see some premieres this weekend, would you? You can't be seen, after all, without seeing.

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